“Hair Flip” Playlist!

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There are times when I need a reminder that I am that girl! I don’t need validation from anybody, or support knowing that I am my best self.

So during those times, where I may have gotten out of character or when I let myself get knocked off of my square, I took my time and made an entire playlist for myself that I’d like to show y’all:

  1. Icy Grl by Saweetie: The beat itself turns me up. But everything she is saying about struggles and overcoming them confidently really had me hooked. To get in depth about this song , click here and visit the post I made when this track first hit everybody.
  2. Personal by Kehlani: This entire album made me feel something when I received it after a lot of growth and maturing. This gives me “Good Vibes Onlaaay”, but in a way thats serious and so melodic, thank you Kehlani!
  3. Bickenhead by Cardi B: Now although she threw me off with the whole church line, I like this song for its beat it how provoking it is. It’s wild, it’s freeing, and it’s fun, which is exactly what is needed after a a day of being tried.
  4. She Bad by Cardi B: This “Invasion of Privacy” was definitely for girls to have fun and feel themselves. even on days where I have my bun, sweats, an a a water bottle, this song can make me walk across the street like Naomi Campbell.
  5. F*ck Dat N*gga by City Girlz: This beat has a Khia and that let me know in the beginning that this was a song that I could only play when the mood was right. Yes the City Girls can be annoying voice wise, but artists like them are his generation’s Trina which is always a need.
  6. Satisfaction by Eve: I literally would be very ignorant to make a playlist like this and not include this track. This was the original “Nice For What” in my opinion so from the verses back to the chorus to say {Anything I want, I’mma get it ‘cuz I know I need it, It’s Evey comin’ and I know you heated/ Anything I need, Gotta have it, bet I’m gonna grab it, Ain’t nothin’ better than the satisfaction} and that’s BIG Mood all 2018.

I added a few more songs on my playlist on Apple Music which you can click here for! If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can follow me to get direct access to new music everyday, and exclusives on the tracks that I’m listening to!


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