Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy?!

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Wah gawn people? how unu do tiday? Well mi dis a say, howdy an see, how everybadi a do?

Translation: Hey everyone, how are you today? Well, I’m just stopping by, to see how everyone is doing?

Here’s  my take on this saga concerning Soulja boy and his beef with the entire rap society. It seems to me that he has long lost his spark and relevance in the music industry. I feel this is just a publicity stunt for attention and to spark his “following” to rise, maybe? This latest with Chris Brown is ridiculously funny. There is a fight set to happen in the near future and if it does happen, I think Chris will kick Soulja’s a#@!,  or what if Soulja beats Chris, who knows?

I think the world got tired of hearing Soulja boy talk because his mouth seems like it never closes. Maybe after the bout they’ll just write angry music, infused with an onslaught of insults and disses. Lets continue to keep a close eye on this and keep tuning in for more insights on my personal view of this Soap Opera as it escalates.

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Hello, Everyone My name is Errol Alanzo Moo. I am 27 years of age, I was birthed in a beautiful island called Jamaica. I enjoy writing, reading, playing sports. I have many talents and many passions. Hopefully you guys will love my daily blogs. For the most part they will include not only my writings but also what is happening in our world.

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