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Ok, so maybe I’m too old or I’ve been out of school for a long time. But at what point did it become a thing for teachers to have guns in the school?

In my opinion, mine and mine only, teachers do the most difficult job known to man! It may not be strenuous or labor filled, but it is emotionally and mentally draining. When they get these children ,early in the morning and have to love them throught the day they are not aware of what type of home they come from. Nor what sort of home they are deemed to return to. Yet and still they have to put their personal lives, beliefs, feelings and occurrences aside and do their best to build the future of each generation. They are NOT paid enough. They are NOT thanked enough. They are NOT recognized enoughed. And in light of recent events, they are NOT protected enough.Teachers should be paid just as much as doctors, lawyers and entertainers. Why? Because without these resilient, compassionate, and very patient souls, we would not know anything outside of what our parents opted to teach us and what society has instilled in out brains by default.

So now this country is attempting to put the burden of a firearm on teachers in addition to everything else they must endure. It’s ridiculous. They are expected to teach you long division, Earth & Space Science, Sociology, and every other subject to the best of their ability all while keeping a 9MM under their slacks? Nothing about that sounds logical. Even education is no longer safe. School especially college already cost those who really want to attend an arm and a leg and now it’s important for them to exercise their right to bare arms. But we wonder why they strike? We wonder why teachers no longer have the want to assist the children in becoming whoever they want to be.

It’s beginning to seem like it isn’t worth it. According to the School Security & School Emergency/Crisis Preparedness Training website and School Security Expert, Presenter, and Consultant Ken Trump, they plan to administer ” Professional development training for school administrators, teachers, school safety officials, school support staff, parents, public safety and community agency partners helps participants learn how to prevent and manage school violence, reduce security risks and liability, and improve school-community relations around safety and crisis preparedness issues using balanced, practical and common sense measures.” Here’s my thing, is this going to be paid for by the teachers? or for the teachers? Is it going to be their responsibility to ensure that they get protected against the unknown. Will they be forced to single out and ostracize students that could potentially pose a threat to their institution? It appears to me that it’s becoming about way more than teaching. And fighting for their lives and the lives of their students wasn’t apart of the plan. I’m certain. Teachers have died or come close to death all because of what? Lack of preparation?

“There’s a big thing right now about special preventive training and measures that the government wants teachers to take for school shootings, when in reality they don’t cause the problem so it’s obviously impractical to believe they’d solve it.” – Destiny Brady, Architecture student at University of Milwaukee

This is going too far and one could only hope that things get better before more lives are taken. What are your thoughts on the matter?
We’ll chat.

With Love,

Storie Stone


For further explaination and information on the preventive crisis, here is the link to the School Security & School Emergency/Crisis Preparedness Training.

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