How The Milwaukee Bucks Got An All-Star From A Tweet

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“I don’t want to be here.” These six words caused an NBA player to be traded from Phoenix to Milwaukee. This is the story of a traded Eric Bledsoe. But did you know how much of a steal this was for the Bucks? If you look at Bledsoe’s numbers from last year, he was putting up 21.1 pts, 1.4 stls, 4.8 reb, which are borderline All-star numbers, yet he wasn’t an All-star because of how stacked the western conference is. But now he’s in the east and oh boy will it get interesting! You see, the eastern conference has severely depleted in winning teams, but one of them, the Milwaukee Bucks, had a superstar emerge. The 6’11” athlete, Giannis Antetokounmpo, started putting up amazing numbers and carried the Bucks to the playoffs and won the Most Improved Player award. Now that Bledsoe’s there, he doesn’t have to single handedly carry his team.

Now the problem with this is, both Bledsoe and Antetokounmpo are both score first players, but if you look at all the teams Bledsoe has played for, he was surrounded by ball dominant players, Chris Paul of the Clippers (or now the Rockets), Goran Dragic of the Suns (or now the Heat), and Devin Booker of the Suns, which means Bledsoe knows how to put up amazing numbers while still playing with ball dominant players like Giannis. So now that issue is solved and all we can do is wait and see how he fits in.

Bledsoe was traded to the Bucks for a player named Greg Monroe and two 2018 NBA draft picks, now this isn’t a bad trade for either team. The Suns have been looking to trade another player, Tyson Chandler, and Greg Monroe is a good replacement for him. The Bucks now have one more All-star level player to help them get closer to a championship, they may not win this year, but the NBA is far from ending. I, personally, think that the Bucks got the better part of the trade because they got an All-star level player that is still in his prime, Greg Monroe is way past his prime and was just taking up space on the roster. He was putting up numbers, but they aren’t as good as Bledsoe’s.

That is my take on the Bledsoe trade, but anything can happen in the NBA, who knows maybe the Bucks can beat the Warriors now, not likely, but you never know.

By: Sebastian Aaron Hall, Sophomore, Brooks college prep

Fb: Sebastian Hall

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