How’d You Get That GIF?

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If you scroll through Twitter, under the most popular threads are multiple people asking “What did you type for this GIF?” Now, there isn’t one word that will unlock all the GIFs for every tweet or message. Finding a reaction can take time because there are so many GIFs to choose from, but there are a few words and phrases that will make the process quicker.



Whether you saw something on Twitter that shocked you or your friend just gave you some steaming hot tea, a GIF of someone getting their wig snatched is the perfect reaction. The GIFs range from someone snatching their own wig off to someone getting their wig snatched dramatically.


Love and Hip Hop

Unlocking this collection of GIFs will open the floodgates for endless messages. The reality show “Love and Hip” is known for its drama and jaw-dropping quotes taken from some of the best green screen interviews in history. Any GIF from this search will make the messiest of tweets funnier.



New York

No, not the city, the person. Tiffany Pollard was a contestant on Flavor Flav’s reality show “Flavor of Love” and her iconic reactions can be used when you’re checking someone or when you have to remind people of who you are. With memorable phrases like “You should’ve sat there and ate your food” and “I came here to be uncomfortable and to fight” a New York GIF will show your energy through the phone.



Sometimes you can tell when someone is lying, even when it’s through the phone. For those moments a side-eye is appropriate. This GIF will give you a side-eye from your favorite celebrity or a random person that was caught on camera when they weren’t paying attention. A side-eye will let people know you’re not believing what someone is saying.



Usually people say “huh” because they couldn’t hear what someone said, but when online you can see exactly what a person said. This doesn’t mean you grasped what they said. You read it, but you had a problem comprehending it so just hit them with a GIF from the “huh” search results.

There you have it. Now you’re ready to send messages that get the results you want.


By Triniti Maye, Freshman, Saint Xavier University

Instagram: @t.rinit.i

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