I Want This Forever…

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Have you heard that actors Tisha Campbell Martin (Gina From Martin) and Duane Martin are announcing that they are getting a divorce after 20 plus years of marriage? I know right, that sounds crazy. I read about their divorce on Essence magazine’s site where I also learned that Tisha decided to announce the divorce on her Twitter page where she said that she would prefer for her business regarding the divorce to be kept private.

I guess things really don’t last forever huh?

This makes me think about one of the most overused saying that boys love to say, “I want this forever.” Has anybody ever told you that? If so, the only reason why boys like saying this is because they like to think that they are making us feel special when they actually end up bailing on us which leads us to only be heartbroken. I’m not writing this article to tell you that every boy who has ever told you this is lying, because there are genuinely boys out there who do have intentions on being with you forever; you just have to find the right one. Heartbreaks can be a tough process to get through, trust me, I have experienced this too. A heartbreak might be one of the worst feelings you have ever felt. But if you think your life is over, it’s not.

Although, this may be your first time getting your heartbroken, chances are that this will not be the last time because this is just a part of life. I want you to know that whenever you get that feeling of being down or you begin to reminisce about your ex, squash all that immediately! Use this time to focus on yourself, not your ex. Don’t be afraid to take notes from Tisha. Keep your personal info private while going through a tough breakup, because everyone doesn’t need to know your business.

Take the time to do things you enjoy again, and find your happiness before you bother finding someone else.


By Trinity Bishop, Senior, Morgan Park

Instagram: @xoxotrin_

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