“Insecure” Parts Ways With Lawrence In Season 3

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My whole heart hurts.

If you guys are addicted to Issa Rae’s show “Insecure,” you’re either going to cry tears of sadness or tears of joy if you are #TeamLawrence.

If you haven’t seen “Insecure,” I’ll try not to spoil anything for you, but no promises. Recently, Issa Rae discussed the third upcoming season of “Insecure,” which is scheduled to premiere on August 12 at 10:30 pm. There has also been much chatter concerning the future of Issa’s ex boyfriend, Lawrence (Jay Ellis) on the show.

You might recall the bittersweet ending to their relationship at the end of Season 2 as Lawrence finally found out about Issa’s secret affairs with Daniel (Y’lan Noel). Judging by Season 3’s trailer, Lawrence is nowhere to be found. Bummer right? In efforts to keep the show as authentic as possible, Issa Rae stated, “You never see the exes again. And it’s okay! You gotta explore life without Lawrence.”

I mean Issa and Lawrence growing apart is long overdue, but I still wanna see what Lawrence’s future has in store for him. Lawrence’s character was just starting to develop. Now, we won’t get to know who Lawrence is without Issa. Will Issa and Lawrence still be friends? Or will they go their separate ways and cruise through relationship after relationship, trying to move on?

Honestly, I was rooting for Issa and Daniel the whole time, but I still want to see what happens to Lawrence. Just abruptly cutting him from the show doesn’t help the progression of the story line. But that’s just my opinion. Of course, “Insecure” is all about Issa, but once you introduce and take away a wholesome character like Lawrence, the show feels like it’s missing the last puzzle piece. It’s like Harold’s without mild sauce or coffee without the sugar or cream.

Although we may be saying goodbye to a major character, Y’lan Noel’s character, Daniel, gets a little more screen time as Issa rekindles her, I guess you could say, ”friendship” with Daniel as she searches for a place to stay. Let’s just hope Daniel isn’t playing any games because I would really love for their friendship to blossom into a relationship.

I suppose all of our questions will be answered once the new season premiers. In the meantime, rewatch (or watch, for your first-timers) season one and two before the new episodes begin on HBO so that you’re all caught up.


By Jada Daniel, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

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