Introvert Or Extrovert?

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Everyone reacts to things and handles situations differently. How a person reacts is sometimes determined by whether they are an introvert or extrovert. Take this quiz to find out which of these two categories you fall under.

Do you enjoy social gatherings?

A) They’re great! I love them.

B) They aren’t really something I’m interested in.


How do you usually handle your problems?

A) I usually talk my problems out with someone.

B) I usually keep my problems to myself.


Do you think long and hard about situations or just go with the flow?

A) I like to just go with the flow.

B) I like to think everything through.


Do you like being social?

A) Yes. I love to talk.

B) No. I tend to keep to myself.


Do you voluntarily speak in front of people?

A) I’m always the first to raise my hand.

B) No. I’d rather keep my thoughts and ideas to myself.


Who do you interact with?

A) Anybody and everybody that will talk to me.

B) Just people I’m really close to.

Would you rather spend your free time alone or with others?

A) With others.

B) All alone.

Do you have a hard time adjusting to new things?

A) Not really. I embrace change and new things.

B) Yes. I like things to stay the same.

Do you prefer to talk to people or listen to them?

A) I like to talk to people.

B) I like to listen to people.


The Answers

If you chose “a” for most of your answers, you are what would be classified as an introvert. This personality type usually feels most comfortable when they are alone or deal with situations better one-on-one than in a large group. If you have a choice between reading a book and going to a party, you would most likely stay in and flip the pages.

If you chose “b” for most of your answers, you are considered an extrovert. This personality type is the complete opposite of the introvert. This person will choose hanging out with a group of friends over being alone every time. The extrovert is very outgoing and has no problem speaking in front of a crowd. If there is a party, they are there and most likely the center of attention.   

It is possible to be a person with both introvert and extrovert personality traits? These people have the best of both worlds.

By: Cierra Lemott, Sophomore, Brooks College Prep  

Instagram: @cece.kodak


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