iPhone Goes Red!

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Yesterday was a very unexpected day in the mobile technology world. A new iPhone was announced and no one knew about it. There weren’t any rumors.

Unadorned with all the pomp and circumstance that a typical iPhone release has, Apple has created a special edition red iPhone 7 and iPad.

This was very unexpected because while talks of a new iPhone color were happening, red was never on the table and a March release date wasn’t either. It’s very unlike Apple to drop a phone without any new features but that’s exactly what they did.

The new matte red iPhone is a special edition in support for the Global Fund to fight AIDS. A portion of proceeds collected from the sales will be given to the fund to help bring the world closer to an AIDS free generation. I really appreciate Apple doing this and hopefully other companies will follow suit, I just wish they would’ve changed a few things to make it exclusive and built up a bit more buzz around it, but nevertheless, it’s for a good cause.

So, if you have yet to upgrade to an iPhone 7, love red, want to support the fight against AIDS, or all three, this is your shot. For the rest of us, a red phone case will suffice.

The phone will be available for order this Friday, March 24th.

Deltas, Kappas, and Bloods are about to go crazy.

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