Is Mumble Rap Ruining the Music Industry?

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Over the years rap has evolved. Not only has the artists changed but the style of rap has changed as well. A trend that’s going around is mumble rap. Mumble rap is the definition of a hot topic and has been a buzz in the 2017 music industry. Some of our favorite rappers are considered mumble rappers such as: Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Kodak Black, Desiigner, Future, Madeintyo, PlayBOi Carti and the list goes on and on. When listening to PlayBoi Carti, are you interested in the beat and his flow because we all know that we can’t understand ANYTHING he’s saying?

There are many different parts to a song. The chorus, the hook, lyrics, beat, flow, etc. When listening to a song, the first thing I say is, “This beat is raw.” This happens because I’m not really listening to the lyrics at first because the beat is an attention grabber. I never even pay attention to the lyrics until I listen to the music a second or third time because the first time I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. Could it be that the rapper isn’t the best lyricist so they put a catchy beat behind it to cover this up?

Listen carefully to PlayBoi Carti Magnolia while reading the lyrics. I promise that the first thing you’ll do is dance to the beat. But look at the lyrics, he’s not the best lyrically and what he’s saying DOES NOT match his pronunciation AT ALL.

Also check out this video on the greatest mumble rap songs of all time and pay attention to your reactions.

What do you think? Is it the beat, the artist, or the hook that grabs your attention? What if you had to rank mumble rappers from best to worse? Who would you place at the top and who would fall short at the bottom?

One more thing. Do you think mumble rap could be the downfall of the music industry? Send us a message and let us know your thoughts.

By Shakirah Muhammad, Freshman, Thornton Township

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