It’s â„’ust…What’s Next? All He Wants Is Se✘

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Lol.. I made you click! Sorry, but I had to get you here some kind of way. I can’t judge anyone or their relationship without knowing them personally, but rushing into any relationship for publicity, show or just no sensible reason at all is a big NEGATIVE. As you all know hip-hop mogul Kanye West and Actress and Reality star, Kim Kardashian have been spotted together numerous times and are being called a couple. Is this relationship real? Do they like each other? Do they love each other? Are they in LUST? Who knows, but for everyone else don’t ever get LOVE and LUST confused.


LUST is like wanting the stranger on the bus you’ve only seen once. LUST is wanting your best friends BF/GF the moment you see them. LUST is wanting someone without any lasting emotional connection. What’s LUST to you?

Henye is an editorial stylist who occasionally blogs in his spare time. From Chicago Illinois and currently residing in Los Angeles California Henye' is certainly the go-to guy when it comes to fashion and trends. Follow him on Instagram @OfficialHenye

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