It’s Just Hair: My BIG CHOP Story

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Throughout my entire life my appearance has been EVERYTHING to me. It wasn’t necessarily about wearing the latest sneaker releases or even following the current fashion trends. My sense of style represents my uniqueness and daring attitude. But regardless of what I wear, my hair, above all else, must always look good. I didn’t like to wear my natural tresses in high school, mainly because I was involved in extra-curricular activities that caused my press and curl to look like birds had a fight in my head. So, I became OBSESSED with sew-ins. I had the have the best bundles in the world! They had to start at 20 inches, come from the hottest vendor, and of course I had to have a closure (Who was flat ironing a leave out every day? NOT ME). After so many years of putting constant stress on my hair, my sophomore year of college is when I started to embrace my own luscious locs. It all started when I took down a sew-in and wanted to give my hair a break.

Now, you might think because I’m a girl that I can slay some hair, but I can’t. I can give someone a bomb flat iron and an even better ponytail, but that’s it. No scalp braids, twists, curls, or anything that requires me standing for more than five minutes. Just in case I didn’t make it clear, my natural hair journey at the beginning was terrible. I had no clue whatsoever on how to comb my own hair. I tried flat ironing my natural hair, but it never looked like I thought it did while I was doing it. Eventually I turned to the YouTube gods to help me. I found over 100 videos on natural care and styles like twist outs, flat twist, and even bantu knots. The only thing that always turned out half way right was my twist outs, so that’s what I focused on perfecting the most. I loved wearing my big puff and even my little bushy side pony’s most days.

Now fast forward to March 14th, 2018. I was scrolling down my timeline on Instagram and stumbled across Tamar Braxton’s post where she had cut ALL her hair off for her birthday. The caption read, “I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions, hell… even my OWN feelings! WE can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that stars TODAY.” That day was conformation to a decision I had been struggling with for a couple months. Seeing how beautiful she looked and how free she felt, I made my decision to go through with the “big chop.”

From March 14th to May 11th I watched the big chop journeys of others on YouTube and even turned to Facebook for advice to ease my nerves of the journey I was about to embark. So, the big day came, May 12th. The entire time while I was in the salon getting my hair cut and styled, I refused to look in the mirror. Mainly because I was fearful that I wouldn’t like the way I looked. When I finally saw myself in the mirror I instantly fell in love with my fresh look.

Cutting your hair sounds scary, but there is beauty in the process of seeing your natural hair for the first time in your life. So many women ask me “Why did you cut your hair? It was beautiful!” My response, “My hair is STILL beautiful. Its just hair sis. It’ll grow back.”


By BreNae Scott, Senior Alcorn State University

Instagram: @im_alikamarie

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