Jim Jones Giving The Real!

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I had to take a second to sit back and evaluate this entire situation and not get anything misconstrued, just to make sure I get the whole picture, so here we go.

About a week ago, Jim Jones signed with Roc Nation (Jay Z) and then headed to Funk Flex for an interview that’s probably going to go down in Hip Hop history. We will remember this forever. You don’t write memoirs, you go to Flex, Angie, or the Breakfast Club in the Hip Hop world. Jimmy basically dished out from beginning to end what’s been going on with The Diplomats and all the members, plus more. From Harlem to Ohio and back to New York again, Jim let’s us in on the real. Of course not everybody is going to like it, so you know Cam’ron had some words. It’s only my job to talk about it, plus I don’t think I can retell the story of The Diplomats like Jim did, so y’all should go watch the nearly 90 minute piece below.

But anyway, I always knew that Jim Jones was apart of Dipset but what I didn’t know is why he never had a verse in songs like Hey Ma and Dipset Anthem, which are apart of my favorites list. What I took from the interview is that Jimmy was the brains and the brawn behind The Diplomats. When it came down to Cam and Juelz, his mentality was that of a true and loyal, rider and brother. Things happened and Jimmy felt that he was being snaked so he moved around with his work. Cam and Jim shared the same lawyer but that ended when Jim found out some things that he wouldn’t disclose during the interview.

In my mind I just want things to be perfect so we can have another Hard Knock Life Tour, that I can attend! But Cam is still being Petty Labelle and Dame is still bitter it seems so I see that won’t be happening. Either way, for a fan like me, I’m extremely glad that Jim did this interview and I’m excited for everything to come for Mr Jim Jones.

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