Juniors Y’all Bout To Get Senioritis But Before You Do…

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Wow, guys! Can you believe it? High school has gone by so fast and in the fall, you’ll be a senior! You’ve worked so hard, but now you have college applications, scholarships, and other life decisions to worry about, but don’t sweat it. I’m here to help. Since I am going through this same journey as well, I have found some useful things to do this summer that will benefit you in the future to keep anxiety and stress levels down. Even though we have our work cut out for us, these tips will help us to get through the early stages of Senioritis. So, share this with your other senior friends and let’s get to it.


Number One: Retake SAT and ACT

I know that we just got out of school, but our work and learning never stops once we walk out the school doors. Personally, I was very unsatisfied with my recent SAT score. Knowing that I could do much better, I decided to register and practice for both the SAT and ACT this summer. Remember guys, a higher SAT and/or ACT score maximizes scholarship money and your chance to getting into the school of your choice.


Number Two: Get A J-O-B

Do you want those $200 pair of shoes for the upcoming school year? Do you want a car? Do you want to put some money in a savings account for college? If the answers to these questions are a “yes,” open up a new tab and start applying for jobs. Not only will a job look impressive on your college applications, but it’ll also be great when you have money in your pocket. Start working on your resume and cover letter, but don’t forget to adjust them for each job you apply for. No employer wants the same exact resume and cover letter for all the other jobs you’ve applied to. And don’t think employers can’t tell because they can.


Number Three: Take Some College Visits & Apply To College

This is one of the most important things a rising senior could do over the summer. If you want to get a feel for what college may be like and if you want to find your new home for four years, I highly recommend taking college tours and visits. This will help you find at least your top 10 safety, reach, and match schools, and you can knock some schools off your list if you don’t like what you see. Don’t forget to actually start applying to colleges/universities. The Common App and Common Black App opens on August 1st, so don’t procrastinate. The last thing you want to do is spend your senior year juggling college applications, scholarship essays, schoolwork, and extracurriculars all at the same time.


Number Four: Prep For Prom

I know you may be thinking why am I’m telling you to prepare for prom so early, but believe me, I have your best interest in mind. If you plan to go to prom next year, it’s a good idea for you to take the summer to find what color you want to wear, what patterns you want on your dress or suit, find potential prom dates, and most importantly find a reliable dress/suit retailer, tailor, and/or a designer. This year, I heard too many horrifying senior stories about someone’s dress not being made on time or their dress didn’t fit properly a couple of days before their prom. No thanks. If you know you can’t handle the stress that prom season may bring, it’s best if you start planning ahead of time.


Number Five: Have Some Fun!!!

It’s going to be your last summer as a high school student so go out and have some fun. Make new friends, hang out with your close friends and family. If you plan on going away for college, you’ll want to make some memories with the people you care about because you won’t see them for a while. Throw a kickback, go to the beach, go to a concert, get that dream internship, and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Make your summer one for the books because you’ll never get these moments back.

You have three months until you’re officially a senior. With these tips, you will be able to have fun, but still get things accomplished. Finish strong, stay safe, wear lots of sunscreen, and enjoy your summer because you deserve it!


By Jada Daniel, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, Junior

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

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