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Okay you guys, I’m coming to y’all as a Chicago girl right now.

I’m passionate about a lot of things. I love people, I love happiness, I love prosperity, I love equality, and most of all I love respect. So with that being said, I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m tired of this Out West vs Out South shit.

No seriously, I want y’all to read what I’m saying carefully and see how much sense this makes.

“Y’all live in a completely different city than we do. Out West shouldn’t count as Chicago. All y’all have is vacant lots, crowded porches, and abandoned schools. Don’t even have grass. Y’all still be bopping. Uncle Remus is nasty, y’all all broke as hell too. And dirty.”

If you guys have not read any of my other writings, then I will let you know that I am from Out West. First of all, no one from Out West talks about Out South/Over East unless they saying how far it is, or how they not about to go out there and get shot.

And even that getting shot part sounds stupid because according to Chicago Police Department records (that I have looked up and analyzed myself), North Lawndale and West Garfield Park are more dangerous than nearly all out south neighborhoods, and for years Austin has had the most homicides in the city. But where do we get that fear of Out South from? The News, that only reports the most heinous shootings.

Moving on, it’s disgusting and hurtful to think that you and another person from the same deteriorating city can empathize about poverty but you dunces wanna argue about who lives in the worse situation. Wow. Real Cute. A grown man literally tried me on twitter this week and I had to take pictures of every vacant lot on 63rd to prove my point because I was not going. WE ALL LIVE IN A F***** UP SITUATION.

The city has segregated us all into these districts that they gives no cares about, nobody cares what side of the city we are from when we leave here so Out West counts, 63rd has the most vacant lots I have ever seen in my life, crowded porches aren’t even a thing anymore because we’re all scared of getting killed in front our house while trying to enjoy the weather, CPS is closing damned near every high school in Englewood continuing what they started since Rahm has been in office, our sidewalks are all concrete so there is no need for grass, if you think about it every dance craze from Chicago has come from Out West so give us some credit with our bopping asses, Uncle Remus has the juiciest chicken I’ve ever had in my life, and the only reason that the Southside has nice houses is because white people thought red lining would’ve worked for forever.

Oh and in my opinion we have the best plaza on Madison and Pulaski ever.

In short, I understand that it’s in our culture to bicker about where we are from. That’s the Chicago in us. But the next time I hear somebody saying shit about Out West I might have to connect with they jaw.


At the end of the day: 


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