Keep Calm, Prom Season Is Approaching

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Prom. Four letters. One syllable. The day you have been looking forward to since childhood or have been dreading since freshman year of high school. Countless teenage movies have been made upholding an ideal vision and tradition of this event. This is the big day where the end of the night consists of slow dances with the guy you’ve had a crush on forever and the quiet people you knew throughout high school suddenly decide not to be wallflowers. Before your perfect night can even begin, one important factor can demand your attention and stress you for months end—deciding on the perfect prom dress. But don’t panic! There are no right and wrongs when it comes to your own personal style.

If you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t stress about what to wear to any function because you feel confident in anything you wear, want to save money, or you’re not an extreme girly-girl, then deciding on a dress should be easy for you!

But, if you’re stuck on where to look for a dress, don’t worry; I have suggestions for you! Websites such as,,, and offer effortlessly gorgeous and simple dresses for any style you may prefer. You can expect prices ranging from $20 to $300. There are tons of variations to have you swarmed with options for your big day!

Maybe you’re the kind of girl who’s been dreaming about their prom dress for what seems like forever (aka me) and doesn’t mind the expense. The options you may be leaning towards are getting the dress custom made or splurging on higher price tags dresses found online or in department or specialty stores. If you’ve decided to go with a custom made dress, I’m sure you have your designer on speed-dial for scheduled fittings and fabric picking appointments already. If you’re still searching for a dressmaker, Javonica Sapp, a designer located in the Chicago area, creates custom made prom dresses. The best way to contact her is through javonica_chicago.

Photo Credit: Custom designed prom dress by Javonica Sapp of Javonica-Chicago

If you are deciding to order a dress online and cost is not a factor, then I have a few websites in mind for you! Websites such as,, and offer extravagant and unique dresses worth the price tag to let your style confirm the dress that’s the one. You can expect prices ranging from $300 to over $1000.

Regardless of the stress that may come with deciding on the perfect dress, one thing is guaranteed to look perfect: You. Own the idea that you are the most beautiful girl in the room in whatever dress you are wearing because it will be the truth.


By Kori A. Nicole Barnes, Senior, Homewood Flossmoor

Twitter: @Korixnicole

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