Kendall Kyndall

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Social media has created such a huge platform for many to share inspiring stories, reach their goals, or even just have a quick laugh. Online personality Kendall Kyndall is one of many people who have used their only platform to reach new heights.

Social media gave him the opportunity to reach millions online with TV commentary videos from the comfort of his home and discussing motivational growth strategies with his “Best Frans,” aka his followers.

This young man from Flint, Michigan has moved on to Hollywood and can be seen online through his Instagram page @kendallkyndall sharing his thoughts and contagious laugh on the most popular reality shows, as well as interviewing stars on Hollywood Unlocked and working often with the BET network; he even was the white carpet host on The Mane Event for the Wopsters wedding.

I love seeing people come up and will continue to laugh with him every week online!

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