Kendrick Lamar Puts White Fan On Blast For Using N-Word

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Understand me clearly: IF YOU’RE NOT BLACK, YOU CAN’T USE THE N- WORD!

During a recent at a concert in Gulf Shores, Alabama, the multi Grammy Award-winning rapper, Kendrick Lamar, stopped in the middle of a song to call out his Caucasian fan for using the N-word during a performance of “m.A.A.d city.” This #soundsaboutwhite.  If you haven’t seen the video, you’ve come to the right place. Just click here.

As Delaney, the white fan, continued to rap, the boos from the crowd grew louder. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,” Lamar said. Delaney forgetting to censor herself, didn’t realize what she said and how many time she had said the N-word. “Am I not cool enough for you? What’s up, bro?” was Delaney’s response, according to Delaney, sis, it’s not about how cool you are, it’s about you using the N-word, a word that constantly reminds the Black community of the long, hauling years of oppression and racism, both things that somehow continue to exist today. If you’re going to be a fan and support Black music, or culture, respect us enough to not use the N-word. Being a Black teen that loves pop culture and Black entertainment, I face enough temptation to use the word myself around my other BLACK friends, but if I have enough self-control to refrain from using it, then you, especially, should find the strength to do the same.

Anyways, Delaney did apologize, but sis knew better. I can sympathize when knowing that ignorance is taught and learned, but seeing that Delaney is a grown woman and at the age of accountability, I applaud Kendrick Lamar for correcting his fan. A Pulitzer Prize winner like himself cares so much for his fans, that rather than “baking” her and allowing his dear fan to be clowned across the Internet by the Black community of social media, Lamar used that situation as a teaching moment. I can’t lie. At first I had a couple choice words for Delaney (No Tea. No Shade), but I can say that Lamar handled this in every way I wish I could have myself.

How hard is it to understand that the N-word is off limits to those that aren’t Black? I bet Delaney will think twice the next time the N-word is in a song that she wants to rap. We’re starting to sound like a broken record; so, do us a favor and don’t make us lose our breath over this timeless argument. I really hate raising my voice  and repeating myself, but I’m going to say this again for the people in the back: STOP SINGING, RAPPING, SAYING, AND TYPING THE N-WORD IF YOU’RE NOT BLACK!!!

I’m done.

Share this with your non-Black friend(s) that use the N-word. You love them right? Do yourself and your friend a favor and educate them.


By Jada Daniel, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, Junior

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

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