Kim K, Your Seat Awaits You

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Kim, honey, it’s time for you to take your seat.

Recently, Kim Kardashian has decided to come to the rescue for her man Kanye. However, it all started from Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” where he takes a punch at Pusha T’s song “Infrared” and references Kanye. “Tell ‘Ye we got an invoice comin’ to you/,” Drake raps. “Considering we just sold another 20 for you.” After dropping his diss track, Drake uploaded an invoice on Instagram with a caption that said, “You’re Welcome.” Rhymefest, the co-founder of Donda’s House, which is a nonprofit organization (501c3) that provides access and education for the at risk youth of Chicago, decided to enter the drama, but for all of the right reasons. reported that Rhymefest tweeted Drake asking him to donate some of his money to the charity once he received it because Kanye has abandoned “Donda’s House.” On behalf of all of Chicago, we’re rooting for you, Rhymefest.

But of course, Kim K just had to open her mouth once again and defend her husband. Kim, sweetie I think it’s time for you to keep your mouth shut on things that don’t concern you and things that you know absolutely nothing about. She gets so butt hurt and decides to go on Twitter talking about Rhymefest, who’s not famous enough, who has sub par beats. First of all, weren’t you Paris Hilton’s assistant/stylist? You had to claw your way to the top. Not to mention that Rhymefest’s beats were used in your man’s “Jesus Walks” hit.

Sis, didn’t even try to come for Drake. She doesn’t want to go to war. She attempts to pick on those of less clout and stature, and then her fandom of clowns gas her up when she tweets a weak clapback. She thinks that just because she named her daughter Chicago, she automatically gets respect from us and has a right to barge her way into running this organization. Wow, Kim White-womans so well! Since when have we seen Kanye or Kim in the streets of Chicago? Rhymefest refuses to let Kim run this charity down just as she’s done with the men in her past. It’s a wonder that Donda’s House still exists today, as word has it that the organization doesn’t run on any donations from Kanye and Kim. Kim carries her biracial babies like accessories, but she could care less about the Black, Brown, and kids that look just like her own in the city of Chicago. Kanye, get your wife and make her take a “stadium of seats” because quite frankly, we’re all tired of her foolishness.

Fortunately, the story comes to a good ending. Kim finally learns to shut her mouth and Kanye has announced a non-profit organization called “Donda Social” where he gives donations to the Chicagoans in need along with other Chicago natives like Chance the Rapper, Common, Vic Mensa, and more. If Chance is a part of this organization, I know that the job will be well done. As for you Kim, take this as a teaching lesson and learn to keep quiet.


By Jada Daniel, Junior, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @tgijadaaa

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