LA Experience: Chapman University

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Sometimes it pays to be nosey…

I would have never found or visited Chapman University had I not been looking so intently at another students computer while I was finalizing what colleges I would be visiting on my month long tenure in Los Angeles. I don’t know how this school had never crossed my path before, so it was definitely meant for me to look at that computer. I saw that the school was located in Southern California, which is my land of choice, and just out of pure curiosity, I Googled it.

Once doing some light research on the school, I fell in love with the location and curriculum. As I delve deeper into my search about Chapman, I quickly decided that this school was a must visit. And I did.

Nestled in the residential neighborhood of Orange, California, Chapman University is a gem of a school that is rapidly growing in both popularity and size. With constant construction projects and a student body a little over 8,000, Chapman is a medium university with majors from Biochemistry and Business to Peace and Production.

Three things really stood out to me about Chapman: The 5 Year MBA, set up of general education requirements, and amazing study abroad options.

Most universities with a 5 year MBA program require students to major in business undergrad and remain an extra year to earn a masters in business, as well. That’s not the case at Chapman. My true passion is in creating and coming up with ideas to make people buy or support things, basically in marketing, advertising and dealing with the public, especially as it pertains to entertainment. I also I want to earn an MBA because it’s practical and allows me to get an overview of business in general. Chapman University will allow me to explore all of that. I can earn a bachelors in PR and Advertising with a minor in entertainment marketing and still earn a MBA all within 5 years! In fact, any major at Chapman is eligible to join the 5 year MBA program.

Another facet extremely unique to Chapman is that they don’t have set courses required for all majors to fulfill general education requirements. They want students to succeed and take classes on things that interest them, so they have general ed inquiries, which are categories of courses like english, math, science, social science with each having 50 plus classes that range from classics like Biology 101 and Child Psychology to more detailed and specific classes like Sociology of Beyonce and Vegan Food Science. I’m really excited about that.

Last but not least, my favorite thing about Chapman- study abroad. Lots of school have study abroad, of course, but nobody does it like Chapman. My tour guide said “When it comes to study abroad you can choose one country to go experience…or you can choose 13.” Yes, 13 and let me tell you how. They put you on a huge cruise ship with other students for four months and you sail around the world, taking classes during the week and docking in different countries every weekend for excursions and exploration. It’s just like “Sweet Life on Deck.” That just sounds amazing and if I go to Chapman, I will definitely be the first one on that boat.

Those are just a few tidbits about this school I found on accident, but you have to see it yourself. At this point, they should call it ‘The illustrious Chapman University.’



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