Latin Pop Is On The Rise

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With the warmer weather comes festivals, concerts, and parties. Music is essential 365 days a year, but especially in the summertime. Most people, have probably at least heard of the famous Latin song, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Justin Bieber. It was played in practically every car and at every event during the summer of 2017. However, Latin music doesn’t start and end with “Despacito,” especially not this summer when more Latin artists are creating songs with well-known pop artists in English and Spanish.

Famous reggaeton artist, Daddy Yankee, has recently worked with Cuban-American artist Camila Cabello producing her well-known single “Havana.” The hit infuses two cultures together with the majority of the song being sung in Spanish and the hook sung in English. Additionally, Beyonce was featured on a song with Latin artist, J Balvin called “Mi Gente.” Not only that, but J Balvin has also worked with multiple artists such as Cardi B and Liam Payne. Another rising Latin artist, Bad Bunny, has been featured on multiple songs with artists such as Quavo and Cardi B. Artists such as Bad Bunny, are making a way for a new genre called, “Latin Trap.” The style of music is different from Daddy Yankee’s reggaeton, which was once very popular among the Latino community with its rhythmic and slow beats.

Now, Latin artists are opting for faster beats as well as even rapping in their songs, but they are also creating songs that everyone can listen to now. For those who do not know Spanish, there isn’t a reason to not listen to Latin artists. Although some Latin artists, still sing most of their songs in Spanish, this still does not take away from the quality of the music. Who knows, you can probably even listen to it at the next upcoming festival near you and find yourself enjoying it.


By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech

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