Lean On Me

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A group of African-American teenage girls posing, with attitude. Five girls are sitting on a bench while one girl, the tallest of the group is sitting across their laps. Her challenging attitude as well as her sweatshirt says "Do I look like I care?"

We all know that friendship is an important component of life. Having friends honestly make our lives interesting and worth living. One of the major benefits of having a friend is that they improve our lives tremendously.

Below, are seven reasons listed why friendship is important and necessary.

  • There are situations when you would need a friend
  • It is important to know what being a good friend means
  • It is important to surround yourself with good people
  • The people you surround yourself with help shape you into the person you are today
  • A good friend helps you feel less lonely
  • A good friend reduces stress
  • Good friends can serve you a reality check


Being surrounded by a good friend helps the development of someone’s character. The people you surround yourself with help shape you into the person are today and the person you will eventually become. You’ll never know when life will get tough and in these instances you’ll need someone to lean on. This is why it’s important to have at least one friend that can be there for you and serve as a support system.   

Friends are so familiar that they have the ability to predict and capture situations which we are in denial of. It could be the ridiculous outfit we are wearing or the boyfriend cheating on us. They bring the harsh truth in front of us. Friends make sure to keep our foot on earth when we are wondering about the wrong things. We often try to disguise the ugly reality with what we want to be the truth. Initially, we may fight and turn away from acceptance, but in the long run, they are always right.
Having a friend as your backbone is an important part of life, it not only helps you socially but mentally as well. In the beginning, it might be hard to realize who your real friends are, but in the end having them will improve your life substantially. Everyone needs someone to lean on through the good times and bad times.  

Brandi Howliet, Freshman, Hampton University


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