Letter To MY President

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Dear President Obama,

If I was capable of explaining how much you are missed throughout this country I would do so with no hesitation.
8 years truly was not long enough. Maybe I’m not the most political, but in all of your time in office I don’t remember constant distress. I don’t remember you going to war with black elites on Twitter. I don’t remember you blantantly disrespecting other countries and their culture. I don’t remember politics and sports meshing. And definetely don’t remember you summoning Oprah. This person in office is doing his best to drive this country as far into the ground as he possibly can. Between insulting the intelligence of North Korea, to degrading the measure of life of those in Puerto Rico, he has made us all look horrible as Americans.

You and First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama were incomparable to any couple, any leaders that we as black peole had ever seen. First Lady was not only educated, but she operated with such poise. She was brilliant and beautiful, being a Princeton and Harvard graduate made her top of the list of black women to love. She insprired so many young women like myself to go for the gusto. She made it believable to be a woman in power beside a man in power and still hold down the fort. She assisted you so effortlessly in running this country in the way one would run their household. Prioritizing the biggest thing first. Like eliminating terrorist that were coming to hurt what you have worked so hard to build and keep steady. Followed by doing all that was necessary to get everybody, not just rich people , to a point in their lives where they could properly take care of themselves and their families. Thus lowering the unemployement rate. Mrs. Obama took her time to cater to the health and wellness of the country. Incorporating big artist like Beyonce’ to get people eating better, increasing their water intake and working out to live their best and happiest life. We did all that along side her. She assisted us in feeling good about our natural hair when she wore her own at the State Of The Union address. All while being a mom to your two beautiful children and a wife to you. She was more than a First Lady, she was the embodiment of strength and elegance.

As were you Sir. No amount of visits to the White House BBQs or quirky jokes during your speeches could ever replace the feeling we got knowing that our homie was looking out for our well being. We know that you did all you could while in office. That’s why we showed out and made sure you were granted a second term. You were an honorable and receptive man. You showed us that it was possible to run the country, be the coolest dad, and the most attentive husband there is. And for that, the english language doesn’t hold enough words to explain how much you are missed at this point in our lives. I hope that life is happy and stress free for you without the entire country watching your every move. But we appreciate everything you did for us right now more than ever.

This feels like a divorce that ended too well.

With Love,

Storie Stone


B R I L L I A N T. Successful Project Product. Proud Black Sheep and all around Thoroughbred. 26. Planted in Chicago,IL | Blossomed in Atlanta, GA

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