Look Bruh, You Smell!

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We know it’s not easy to tell a friend that they don’t smell so good, but eventually it has to happen.

What you don’t want do is just up and say they stank in front of everybody. You want let him or her know what’s up by bringing them to the side and just being straight up with them. You don’t want to say, “Bruh you smell bad,” or anything like that. You want be straightforward with them without coming off like you’re disrespecting them or bashing them. They have to know you’re not trying to be rude and you’re just trying to be a good friend.

Begin the conversation by stating that you’re trying to look out for them. If you don’t have deodorant or body sprays to offer, you might have to break it down to them the hard way, “Bruh I mess with you heavy, but you have to do something about your smell.” Try being funny, but in a way that he or she knows you’re being serious.

Take things slow. If the person you want to tell is not your friend, tell that person’s friend about their body odor. It’s always better for a friend to tell another friend about their lack of hygiene instead of a stranger. Again, this is to help a person, not embarrass or completely ruin their self-esteem. You want to be supportive.

Give your friend tips on how to maintain body odor that’s acceptable for those around them. If you notice that your friend doesn’t have the money or ability to maintain that, ask if you can take them to the store and buy them deodorant or toothpaste or whatever self-care products they may need.

If you follow these steps, you can only strengthen the relationship. If that’s truly your friend and you approach them in a positive and respectable way, they’ll feel comfortable knowing that you’re looking out for their best interest. That’s what friends are for.


By Jaquan Farrow, Junior, Roosevelt High School

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