Lord Of The Rings

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I may be late to the party, but believe me it is within good reason. I had to gather all the information I saw to be necessary from both ends of the spectrum. I had to take male and female point of view, married couples and the recently engaged responses into consideration. This topic of whether or not this $25.00 ring was worthy of being accepted in a marriage proposal just really took off and I’d be doing myself and my readers a disservice if I didn’t state the real. The responses I received to what I thought would be a miniscule topic blew my mind, as to be expected. Let me be the first to say that, we as a people have a LONG way to go. And this even being an ongoing topic is just one of the reasons that the marriage rate is so low, thus making it completely comprehensive now. I did my best to search all social media platforms, atleast those that I knew would be discussing the topic and just read the comments to see if anyone either felt like I do, or had the ability to sway my opinion.

*Deep breath* Here we go.

I’m not married, engaged, or none of that. However, I am with the man that I believe I’m going to spend all of my next lives with. And I’m proud to share that with anyone that willingly listens. I don’t come from money and neither does he, and even if he did my expectations of his physical profession of love would not alter. What I have gathered from each conversation I’ve been a part of, and or read is that we have seemingly forgotten the concept of the engagement ring. We have overlooked the intimacy and thoughtfulness portrayed by a proposal that even warrants the presentation of an engagement ring. We have completely dismantled what it meants when a man finds his wife. I have not quoted the Bible because I have my own qualms about it and the messages it conveys. However, even though there are some people getting married for money or security, like they did back in olden times. There are still couples who get married for love. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Just like time and love grows, so does financial situations. It may be a $25 ring now, because the man that is ready to live the rest of his life with this woman was on a $50 budget. But he loves his fiancé so much, he no longer wanted to wait. But 3 years from now it’s replaced with something that cost $25K, means the same thing, just “flashier”. At what point did marriage start becoming more about the extravagance of the wedding? Does he love you less or think less of you because he decided not to go broke behind the societal rumored symbol of his love? There has been a very superficial stigma placed on weddings since the beginning of time. Social media has highlighted it for lots of people, those who lack their own opinions especially. The wedding lane is a billion dollar industry, it is literally the job of the advertisers to convince you to go to Jared, or believe that every kiss begins with Kay means more than just a catchy slogan on a multi- million dollar commercial.

I’m amazed at how people, women especially are selectively traditional. “He has to have an expensive ring in order for me to say yes, mean it, and be genuinely happy.” “We can’t take him out on a date and foot the bill.” “My child has to be his first child in order for it to work.” Etc. However, most of us have two or three children to his one, by multiple men, who we allowed to do us so dirty that the new guy will be paying for it until he’s tired enough to say something or completely walk away. We tend to be emotionally retarded, refuse to be submissive because we don’t understand what it means to be able to rely on someone and vice versa. And financially unstable ourselves. Furthermore, we wouldn’t know how to save money and help somebody else out if the men in our lives didn’t teach it to us. Don’t mistake me I have my own way expectations of the man in my life, but I like to believe they are realistic too!

And my level of love for him isn’t determined by the fact that he pays the rent to keep the roof over our head or that he taught me to save money and then heavily assisted in purchasing me the car, I not only needed, but the oneI wanted as well. My level of love was determined by his patience with my selfishness,arrogance and lack of respect for what he was trying to teach me for my own betterment. His understanding of my shortcomings and the way he loved me right on out of a horrible outlook on love and relationships. The fact that he takes pride in the relationship he has with my family and loves them like he does me. These are the reasons that whenever he ask the answer will be YES. Heck Yes! There are women in the comment section of these articles or even reading and posing open conversations that have on million dollar rings and raising “break babies” because their well off man has cheated on them or worse. In this economy, I’m not saying lower your standards. I’m simply advising you to understand and retain the circumstance. Beyonce’ got a big rock, a tattoo, an island and a slew of other things, but we been rocking to two full albums about how she got played. Just sayin’

We’ll chat.

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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