Make THIS Summer YOUR Summer

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It’s about that time where you start seeing all the tweets about summer this and summer that. But sadly, many of us don’t live up to them. Rather your summer is just starting out or you’ve realized you just been sleeping it away, keep these tips in mind to make the most out of your summer.

  1. Work On Your Craft : You know that thing you felt you were kinda good at? Expand on it. These are generally hobbies that you find yourself doing without even knowing it. For example, if you like cooking, try some new recipes! Dancing? Try making up your own routine. Singing? Try writing your own song. You may be surprised at the outcome.
  2. No More Procrastinating : Whatever you keep telling yourself that you wanna do, start now. You wanna learn how to maintain your natural hair? Start now. You wanna write a book about that quote that’s been sitting around in your head? Start now. You wanna start a Youtube channel. Go ahead.  I mean, why not?
  3. Get Out Of Town : Go on a vacation to that place you always wanted to visit. Take in the surroundings. Taste the food. Take pictures. It can be refreshing to get out of your environment for a moment. Road trips are great with loved ones because you all get to visit the places your passing through while getting to your destination.
  4. Explore Your Hometown : Now a vacation might not be in everyone’s budget but no worries, there is still things you can do in your own city. Ask yourself. “If I was a tour guide for foreigners, what would I be able to show them?” If you don’t come up with much then you should take a tour yourself. Check out that new stores all your friends are talking about. Have some lunch at that restaurant your city swears by. You might learn to appreciate your hometown a little more.
  5. Learn How To Drive: This is for those who don’t know how already. I guarantee it will be an interesting experience.
  6. Learn Yourself: Body, mind, and soul. Get to know yourself and how you operate. Learn what your body likes and what makes you feel good about it. Exercise if there is a body goal you would like to reach. Learn how your mind works. After that you might surprisingly start to enjoy the company of just yourself. Learn what feeds your soul. Happiness comes from within.
  7. Hang Out With Your Friends: With real friends you don’t even have to go anywhere to have fun together. Or if your family oriented, hang out with them.
  8. Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy: My mother has told me this time after time and I think it is so important to remember. Letting someone upset you to the point where you can’t enjoy yourself is giving them power over you. If your not happy, the tips above may not help much. Maybe your summer isn’t boring, maybe you just can’t enjoy it because your upset.  So forget that boy who wants act up all of the sudden. Or forget that girl who continues to mess with your head. Forget those fake friends whose true colors shine bright this summer. Especially if their still out having fun while you’re not. Smile babes, your deserve it!

I hope these tips helped. Now get out there and make THIS summer, YOUR summer!


By Tyae Grant, Sophomore, Gwendolyn Brooks

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