Making The Most Of The Last Days Of Summer

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The reality that fall is almost here is setting in for a lot of people. Some of us go back to school the last week of August, or some of us go back to college early August, but many are lucky enough to start in September. While we all have different schedules, August means the same thing to all of us–the end of summer. This sad time of the year could potentially turn into the best time of the year with the right attitude and this list of good and fun things to do before summer is over.

Spend Time With Family & Friends

Most of us think we have a lot of time in the summer to do everything we planned, but in reality we don’t do any of the things we thought we were going to do. This includes hanging out with your loved ones, so here’s your chance. Take some time to spend it with people who you love and probably haven’t seen all summer, there’s truly no better way to spend your last few days of summer than with them.

Catch Up On Your Shows & Movies

During the school year there really is no time to do the simplest things such as watching TV. We’re bombarded with homework, tests, projects, and extracurriculars. We’re constantly busy, therefore now is the time to finally relax and binge watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix or another network. That way, when school finally starts, you won’t procrastinate because you would have already watched everything you wanted. This is a perfectly reasonable excuse to tell your parents in case they get mad at you for watching so much TV these next couple of weeks.

Go To An Upcoming Festival 

While summer may almost be over, there are still plenty of festivals or things to do in the Chicago area. August Fest is being held down the southwest side of Chicago during August 11-13th where there will be carnival rides, dances, and food to enjoy. There’s also the great Chicago Air & Water Show that will be held at North Avenue Beach August 18th-19th. Afterwards you could head down over to Pilsen for Pilsen Fest (Aug.18th-19th) where you could enjoy listening to new and different musical artists. Logan Square will also be hosting a food truck festival the following week, August 24th-26th. To end the summer, Millennium Park will be hosting the Chicago Jazz Festival August 24th-September 2nd. For more information on the remaining festivals click here.

Take A Trip

Taking a trip doesn’t mean you have to go to another country or somewhere in a completely different state; this doesn’t even mean that it’s somewhere you have to stay overnight. Taking a trip could just be somewhere you go away to, even if it’s for a couple of hours in the day. Six Flags Great America could be one of the places to go and have a last day of complete fun. You could go to Starved Rock as well. Go there to enjoy taking a hike or just watching the waterfalls. The best part is the admission is completely free. Go to water parks, such as Raging Waves and Noah’s Ark, located in Wisconsin. Although both can be expensive, every Tuesday in August the ticket prices are discounted $10 for Noah’s Ark.


By Veronica Ruiz, Senior, Lane Tech



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