McDonald’s All American Game Final #Recap

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On Tuesday, March 28, The McDonald’s All Americans had an intense practice. They were put through a series of tough drills including scrimmaging against each other. Throughout practice there were heated competition between the players. Each pushing each other to be better. Deandre Ayton, who will be attending University of Arizona in the fall said, it’s tough competing against each other. “The competition is great.” He began. “We are playing against the best high-schoolers in the country, and we all want to win. ”Following the grueling practice, the players traveled to the United Center for media day. This was the time for reporters to interview players and talk about their experience. I was able to talk to Trae Young, who will be attending Oklahoma University in the fall,
and he is enjoying his experience as an All American. “It’s been a great experience. Competing with all the top players in the country, and having fun at the same time.” He was attracted to Oklahoma because of how close it was to home. He had great visits and was able to bond well with the team. On the day before media day, the All Americans took a trip to the Ronald McDonald House where they went to different stations located inside the house. Young said his favorite part of the house was making cookies. “I had a little girl named Kate, and she made about three cookies.She dumped every sprinkle on the cookies, but I loved seeing her smile throughout.” He said with a smile. Young wasn’t the only one who’s favorite station was making cookies. Jaylen Hands, who will be attending UCLA in the fall agreed with him. “My favorite part was definitely making cookies. Taking a break from competing with them {teammates} on the court, and competing with them to see who could make the best cookie.” He finished with a laugh. I was able to play a little arcade basketball against Lonnie Walker, who will be attending the University of Miami next fall. I won, but he refuses to admit his defeat. “Ahh I won yesterday, there’s no photo or video to prove otherwise.” We shared a laugh and talked about his emotions for the All American Game. “I’m really excited to showcase my talents,” he began “wearing that jersey is just a dream come true”
This has been the dream of all the players since they were young. The players put on a show in the game, and they had a fun week leading up to the game.
Written by Dorian Robinson

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