Miss Mulatto Has Been Workin’!

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Wassup Y’all!

I know y’all know about this young lady right here, Miss Mulatto. She’s a 17 year old rapper from Atlanta, dubbed “Queen of the Soufside” and Season 1 winner of Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah’s “The Rap Game.” And if you don’t know about her from the TV show, you definitely know about her because earlier this year, she sat down with our very own True Star staff for an interview and was the cover story of our Spring 2016 Edition of True Star Jr.

Since becoming the newest artist on So So Def Records, Miss Mulatto has been putting in work and everyday proving why she was the right choice as winner.

Her first single released under So So Def was “No More Talking,” a song where she lets us know that since she signed this deal, she’s really about her music and not just saying that,but proving it.

She also did a song with Chicago’s “Bop King” DLOW entitled “Hobby” that’s a turned up theme song about getting money and stuntin on their haters.

Her and former castmate Lil’ Niqo collaborated on a song called “Tough On The Internet” which is a shade filled, party track with a catchy hook where they address all the “Twitter thugs.”

Miss Mulatto also recently released a track called “Who is You,” which has a pretty self explanatory title.

Most recently, she dropped “On My Way” which is her motivational, go hard or go home track for all the people who are currently doubting her.

Overall, it seems as if Miss Mulatto isn’t just going to be another one of those TV show winners who end up with a mediocre or no music career at all. She is putting in work and making herself known. As the newest member of the So So Crew, she has big shoes to fill, I’m excited to see what she has in store.

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