My Favorite Type Of Facetime!

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Image result for facetime 21 savage

I have gotten in multiple arguments over this song.

I will defend it’s greatness to any and everybody. People were hating so much about 21’s diversity and versatility that they just had to complain. If you look on Apple Music which gives you the entire album, you can see that he retracted the song ISSA.

I do not agree.

When I heard this song I actually like 21 a lot more. For one, the beat goes crazy . Period, like that’s not arguable.

I guess that his majority male fan base would rather him talking about shooting somebody up than him talking about a female in softer tone of voice. It’s most definitely a late booty call drive song, or a in the house with a glass of wine groove. Whether you play it through your speaker, or your headphones FaceTime is a track that I will defend until the day I die.

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