My Go-To “All In My Feelins” Songs

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“Girl, get out your fefe’s,” a.k.a feelins. Ladies, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been told this by our tough love, supportive friend who seems to never let anything bother her. But, come on. Sometimes those emotional and vulnerable moments are necessary. For me, music always seems to express exactly what I’m feeling at the time I need it the most. It doesn’t matter if I’m in my feelings about past failed relationships, drama, and fights with loved ones these five songs always soothe me for a little while.

Drake “Marvin’s Room” – This is one of my favorite artists ever. I’ve always felt like Drake makes the best “in your feelings” music. He has a unique way of speaking the truth and being sentimental at the same time. In this song, he confesses to his ex-lover that he just can’t seem to get over her and he doesn’t want their love to end. Hearing a guy that you love(d) admit that he messed up can make all of the difference.

Calvin Harris “Sweet Nothing” – Not only can Calvin Harris create unique beats, but he also knows how to combine them with impactful and heartfelt lyrics. This song is not slow with a gloomy tune, it’s upbeat and makes you wanna scream your heart out to finally letting go of everything emotionally affecting you. The upbeat vibe and title of the song go perfectly together because they contrast one another. In this song, a past or current love has given them nothing but pain and trouble. As well as them realizing that in reality those feelings and worries they’re having are just giving them sweet nothing.

Sam Smith “Latch” – This upbeat tune not only latches onto your emotional heart strings, but gives you hope for the idea of intense love that Smith sings about. If you’re having trouble figuring out where your heart is, the first person you think of when listening to this song tells it all.

Lana Del Ray, Cedric Gervais Remix “Summertime Sadness” – Since this Summer is approaching, a romance or heartbreak may be awaiting you. However, I love listening to this song no matter the season. This is another contrasting upbeat tune with lyrics that have a completely different meaning. This song is about saying goodbye to a lover they knew wouldn’t stay around forever, but the idea was stuck in their head anyway. The Summer will always be a reminder of them and the love they shared. Even if your sadness about a romance didn’t occur in the Summer, the song is still relatable to connect with your feelings.

SZA “Drew Barrymore” – The interlude into this song tells you everything about moving on and letting go. About acceptance and realizing that if you have done everything in your power that you can do, you can finally let go. This song helps me rise out of my feelings and allows the grief of my emotions to pass away. To realize that eventually, yes, things do get better, but only with time. How bittersweet “time” can be. The realization that nothing bad lasts forever, but that means the good times won’t either. SZA’s voice is so soothing and relatable you feel like she’s caressing and projecting every insecurity, doubt, and hope you have for the future with relationships.

Getting in your feelings from time to time doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you human. Every person has their moments and it’s okay to cry it all out, lay in your bed all day, or blast sad tunes. But, always remember that some of those feelings you may have are temporary. After you’re done having your pity party, pick yourself right back up.

What songs do you listen to when you’re all in your “feelins”? Tell us in the comment section.


By Kori A. Nicole Barnes, Senior, Homewood-Flossmoor

Twitter: @korixnicole


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