NBA Draft Lottery: May Lady Luck Shine On Chicago Again

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Today is the NBA Draft Lottery and Chicago is buzzing with excitement. The Bulls were one of the worst teams in the league, finishing with a record of 27 wins and 55 losses. But the rebuilding year was a chance for team to add an extremely talented rookie via the NBA Draft. This year is exciting because it has been exactly ten years since the Bulls lucked out an won the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery, securing the rights to draft hometown hero Derrick Rose with the No. 1 pick.

The way the lottery works via

Fourteen ping-pong balls are labeled 1-14 and placed in a machine to be selected at random. Four balls are selected to create a four-digit number. Each team is assigned a different percentage of those four-digit numbers depending on how terrible their record was last season. The Suns won last season’s tank-off and will have the best odds.

Balls are only drawn for the top three picks in the draft. The other 11 are ordered again by last season’s standings.

In 2018, the consensus among NBA scouts is that there is a clear top three in the prospects rankings. Before the lottery tonight, the Bulls picks sit at N0. 6 and No. 22. So there are scenarios were the Bulls could trade their two picks to move up for a higher pick. But with an emphasis on player development, the Bulls are likely to take their chances with their two picks. The most highly regarded prospects included big men DeAndre Ayton out of Arizona, Marvin Bagley III out of Duke, and Jaren Jackson Jr. from Michigan State. But Slovenian wunderkind Luka Doncic has a strong case for being the No.1, as he has been dominating professional competition in Spain’s ACB league since he was 16 years old (he is now 19). And Michael Porter Jr. out of Missouri was the top-ranked high school player in his class before a back injury derailed his college career. If his recovery went fine, he figures to have a chance to be the best player in this draft class.

No matter the outcome of the lottery, Bulls general manager Gar Forman is likely to get a high-impact player with Chicago’s top 10 pick. You can watch tonight’s lottery on ESPN, tonight at 7:30 pm Eastern time.

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