NEW ALBUM: “Double or Nothing” – Big Sean & Metro Boomin

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This is going to be a first listen review.

I will listen to the album, hearing each song for the first time, and write my true, unfiltered, initial thoughts while I listen. I will only listen to each song once I feel as though I know Big Sean well enough as an artist to do this and I expect the majority of the beats to be very fast, upbeat, and radio ready since mega producer Metro Boomin is the other half of this project. Unlike most of my reviews, I have not asked anyone their opinion, went to social media to see how the world responded, nor have I read any other bloggers reviews. This is going to be all me.

Please excuse all grammatical errors as I’m doing this as a stream of consciousness and I’m sure my mind will be all over the place.

Lets Go!

  1. Go Legend feat Travis Scott

Very soft, like ballet music but Travis always has really different beats. Interesting opening. Ok now it’s trappy. Definitely a 2018 club banger.. catchy, I’m dancing in my seat. Shout out to 7/11. I really love this beat. Ok Sean with the cocky bars. I love that Sean has gained the confidence to call himself a legend, growth. Lots of autotune but it’s not bad. Ayeee, we go legend! Wow only 2 and half minutes in, what’s next. Trav really can sound like Future. Wow Sean comparing himself to Mike and Prince, okkkkkkkkkk. He coming hard for this intro but at the same time I expect this from Sean. It’s super catchy. I like it, I’m not sure I would’ve picked this for the opener because nothing out of the ordinary was done here, but it wasn’t bad.

2. Big Bidness feat 2 Chainz

Ok sean bout to rap hard bars now I feel it. This reminds me of part 1 of dark sky paradise. Lol, whose he throwing shots to? Metro is giving amazing beats here. Here I am dancing again. Is this whole album going to be this trappy or will we have a break? Lol, this is actually really hard to type and listen without stopping the song. Comparison to MLK, I wonder how the world will take this. This song will be in many Instagram captions. I really like 2 chainz here, I haven’t heard from him in awhile and I enjoy the beat switch up for his verse. Nothing bad here yet. Do not interject. Sean is so passionate, that’s why I love him. No one can see he can’t rap. He’s angry on this track about people sleeping on him and I’m here for it. Still nothing really new or spectacular though.

3. Who’s Stopping Me

I was not expecting this beat! We got some spanish music. Now, this is different! All charged up- I could glow in the dark, I like that line. Sean says this is the best beat so far, I agree only because it’s so different. Metro Boomin getting out of his comfort zone here. I’m not sure how well this song will go over though because it’s soooo different. Like I don’t imagine this on the radio. It’s really busy. Omg no, Big Sean does not need to do accents *face palm*. This beat is really busy. I don’t know if I would come back to this track. I like what he’s saying and I know I asked for a different beat but…this has to grow on me.

4. Pull Up N Wreck feat 21 Savage

This the kind of beat I expect from Metro. Big Sean and 21 are a good duo. Big Sean has had the same flow since the start of the album, let’s change it up. This song will be big but not because of lyrical quality. 21 is the highlight of the song. Nothing special here so far. The songs doesn’t fit the image of Sean that he’s promoted. I’m so bored I’m having outside thoughts. I wonder what Jhene thought of this album. They could’ve kept this, it’s lazy. I know people that could do this. Very unnatural for Sean. Next.

5. So Good feat Kash Doll

I hope Kash Doll makes me proud here. Ok beat! Ok we know Metro is on the beat. This beat is very 2007, I like it. Why is he talking about this, I think there’s a reason why he doesn’t do this much. It’s not bad, just not my preferance. Some people will love this though, it’s good for dancing. Kelis is to thank for Kash Doll’s flow here. Her verse is actually a good flow. This is so unexpected. The only reason I’m not going to say they could’ve kept this is because I’ve not heard anything like this from him. It was cool but I don’t want to hear anymore. I really like this beat, that’s why this is tolerable. I wanna know who wrote this, no I’m not saying Sean has a ghost writer.

Half Way Through Reaction: It’s an okay project. I’m not in love but I don’t want to turn it off. So far I just feel like I’m not seeing the vision here, but that’s the con of first listen reviews. These songs may be stuck in my head tommarrow and my favorite next week, just right now I’m like ehh. I feel like I need to watch an interview about this album to learn some of the background and intended direction of it.

Image result for double or nothing big sean

6. Savage Time

The chorus of So Good is still very much in my head. I’m going to like this track. Cut through we on savage time. This is the Sean I really enjoy. The beat is taking me places. Beat drop…it was very predicable. Sean calling himself the GOAT! I’m not sure about that but I like this confidence he gotta keep backing it up. Great switch up from So Good. I looooove the bit about the president and water in Flint. This is my favorite song so far. This one of them songs that make you want to get up and accomplish your goals. I love this I love this WOW. Sean isn’t fake woke. This song unfortunately won’t be the radio hit, but man is this great. Another beat drop? Sean definitely revived this album on this track. Hey, it’s our friend Travis again. Best song by a long shot so far. I almost wanna say this should’ve been the opener but I understand why it’s not because some would feel that it is boring.

7. Even the Odds feat Young Thug

I still wanna know why the album is called Double or Nothing, other than the fact that it stands for DON, as in Sean Don. Jhene helped with this song I feel like. This song real catchy. This not this, it’s that. I actually like Young Thug when he speaks clearly. The song isn’t the best but I would listen to it a lot and walk to it. It’s a good calm track. I wish Gucci would’ve did a verse here. Is this Chance? I can’t see this being anyone’s favorite song. I’m ready to get hyped up again.

8. In Tune 

What’s this sample? I love the violins. This can be used in a movie. Metro is really showing out here. Aye, I’m in tune, too. This is trap choir music. I like the flow Sean is on here. Is Millie his mom? I gotta put that on a sticky note. The song is just a vibe, I’m not paying much attention to the lyrics, the backgrounds are certainly a highlight. This is a classic Sean track. I’m happy to hear that Sean is drinking water and taking vitamins. I think that this song is about Sean saying that even though he goes MIA often and doesn’t speak on a lot other than his music, he’s very aware of what’s going on and people plottin and/or sleeping him.

9. Reason feat Swae Lee

We are in the home strectch…two more songs. I hope Swae Lee slays this chorus, he’s good at that. Again, we know Metro is here. Great instrumentation here. Wow, he’s been to every airport in the U.S. Travel goals. I enjoy Sean’s work ethic as well as him rapping about it. Very catchy. Lots of autotune. Swae Lee started and I’ve already forgotten Sean’s part. Awww it was tooo short. Big Sean is too big to be saying “I think these boys don’t like me” Sorry, I just thought that was childish. I will know all the words to this track in a few days. It could have been kept.

10. No Hearts, No Love

Last one, make me proud. Aye my mom used to listen to this song that’s sampled here. Best beat so far. I want to hear Sean echoing more, that sounds cool. I would love to see this performed.  Chorus is lit- I will come back later to this for that. This song is intimate and I do feel like I know Sean despite never having met him. Ok the second verse is much better. I mess with this. Great closer, even though the lyrics aren’t anything special.

We’re Done!

Final Verdict: Disappointed. For the album to have been so short, every song should have been amazing. Sean is definitely carving out a lane for himself and become more confident, but maybe that hurt him here. I feel as though he has not tried to prove anything to put effort into switching it up. Metro Boomin definitely carried this project, as a result I enjoy and respect him more as a diverse producer. As for Sean, try again and work harder. I need someone to diss him so he can return with the same fire in him as Dark Sky Paradise. The song I’m feining to go back to right now is So Good…strangely enough. If this was my first time hearing anything from Big Sean and Metro, this project would not make me want to listen to Big Sean but I’d certainly go find more Metro Boomin beats.

4/10 Unfortunately


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