[NEW ALBUM] “High Maintenance” by Saweetie

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Okay it wasn’t bad. Well maybe it was. But not all the way. Kinda was though.

But for her debut album, I expected so much more from the HIGIC, the Head Icy Girl In Charge. Honestly though, between her singles “Icy Girl” and “Anti” her Bay Barbie ass had me ready for so much more than some ‘his loss’ ass tracks. I need twitter captions and I was ready to re-up once this dropped but I guess I have to search for them elsewhere.

I needed her to come hard, and I was especially waiting on her to drop something that goes crazy after her encounter with Ebro (watch the travesty here). But I’m starting to agree with him. Her raps are basic and elementary, and not in the complex way. She started out with Trina vibes on High Maintenance but that quickly faded.

Her beats went harder than she idid, and I wanted her delivery to be so dang different from what it actually was. She needs to stick with a persona too, because that groaning and moaning she was doing all over “Respect” I really wasn’t feeling it g. That song in itself could’ve been done in a sexier way that would’ve worked for her. Or even the same type of vibe that she gave us on “Anti”.

This honestly is probably one of the lowest rated debut album I’ve ever heard, and I am highly disappointed y’all.



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