[NEW ALBUM]: Humble Beast by G Herbo

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I gotta start this out the Chicago way.

G, on my life I never thought I’d mess with a Herb album this hard. Literally on my list of favorites this year!

I’ve found a new respect for Herb. Past “I Like” and “Everything” this album is real y’all. Out of the 15 tracks on the album I have a top three which I’ll explain.

  1. Everything: This past few months have been all about self-love and esteem for me. I’ve been truly happy with my life and therefore I’m able to enjoy music like this. Everything is such a flex song. It starts with “Hit the scene so fresh so m’f****** clean” and I immediately hit a two step. I can be in the middle of class and if this song plays I have to skip it. I’ll get hype just hearing him say that first part.

Favorite Line: {Swervo saucy, everything got double G’s, don’t it/ Italian beef with everything, extra cheese on it}

  1. Street: Now since this is the first track off Humble Beast he had my undivided attention and I truly listened to every part of the song. From the board beats to the breaths he took as he spit his bars. When he said “You hear the pain soon as the beat come on”, I prepared myself to listen to a rendition of Song Cry. I mean every rapper has a sentimental track and this is Herb’s. It’s real, it’s dope and it’s street. I love this song so much that I considered making one of his bars my senior quote.

Favorite Line: {Street n****s, should always wanna be bigger, You satisfied with thousands? you a cheap n****/ Satisfied, living off his guys that’s a leech n****, Heard he set his goals off satisfaction, that’s me n****}

  1. I Like: Between this and “Everything”, I feel like the hood n**** of the year. Honestly I don’t know what it’s about singing along to Herb but he just does that to me. It’s not a hard track it’s real chill but with production from DJ Ron I could easily see this song being played at a strip club somewhere. In some capacity I know that if you like this song you’ve recited the chorus by inserting your name (ex: “Yeah my name Shay Swervo, I like nasty n****s). It’s a fun track and get’s me hype at any time.

Favorite Line: {I like nasty grils, might meet her in the hood, her lil sassy bitches/I like classy girls, I met her at Bergdorf , compliment her skirt, made her take her shirt off}


Along with tracks like Crown ft Bump J and Trials, Herb made this project one of his best yet in my opinion and I’m excited to continue to see how people receive it.


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