NEW ALBUM: “Live in Chicago” – Ethan Butler

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I first saw Ethan Butler in a concert held at Fort Knox Studios in Chicago. He and his band played about an hour set of both original and cover songs and the longer the show went on, the less I wanted it to end.

We hear so much heavy bass music on the radio and through streaming that sometimes we forget the beauty of a live band. Ethan Butler wanted to bring that back and allow listeners to enjoy the live experience at anytime, not only while attending a show, so he made the bold move and recorded his Chicago performances live and released it as his debut project.

I am so glad Ethan did this because I actually I missed when artists took such pride in their live show that they released it to the masses. While the EP is shorter than his set, it takes me back to the very first time I experienced his music a few weeks ago.

You can listen and support below!

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