[NEW EP] “It’s Complicated” by Wale

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I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I took a break from Wale because he was doing this alternative stuff. Well not really but it just wasn’t his usual poetic self.

But even the opening proves itself. He has samples, in love lyrics, poetic devices, and nothing but wordplay as usual. With the first track, Wale focuses on simply rhyming. It’s literally the most relaxing type of music and competes with the second as my favorite. It’s about explaining to his lady that the love is deeper than social clout, or the appearance of what a rapper is. So then “Black Bonnie” comes on, and y’aallll…..

As of now this will be my favorite song of the week. I promised myself that I would stop thinking about romantic things and love for just a week, and this song made me break that. I want somebody to rap this song to me. Actually, I wanna rap this to someone. Like this song spells out what every good girlfriend should be, and how much every man should show how he values his woman. I love it and I think y’all will to, so go listen.

“It’s Complicated” is available on all music streaming platforms!

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