[NEW EP] “This Time I’m Serious” by Jacquees

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I guess Jacquees got heat that everybody is dropping an EP. He definitely followed suit and he did it well. He made 6 classic Jacquees tracks, all but one produced by his classic counterpart, producer Nash B.

At first I thought these were some ordinary Jacquess songs about having sex and getting some girl pregnant, but I can actually here the increased production value and the maturity in his vocal skill and his all around lyrical delivery. I think my favorite song on the EP is probably this collab with T-Pain called Rodeo.

Y’alllll, this song here will have you wanting to do something that would get me fired if described on this here blog. Honestly, it’s not explicitly sexual which I highly value. And it’s dance choreography worthy too! After this I’m going to figure out what appropriate choreo I can put to this. The only other producer on the entire EP made this song and his name is D Roc. My second favorite on the entire project is either “Why You Love Me” or “Back To Me”, but I feel “Why You Love Me” a lot more than I do the other. The lyrics to that song literally snatch my edges and my no existent lace front.


So with that being said, go ahead and listen you guys, I promise you won’t regret it!

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