NEW MUSIC: 93 Unleaded by Trey Songz ft. Dave East

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So, I’m thinking I would only say a lil’ something about this song since I did mention it previously.

But sadly, all I can say is that I was disappointed.

Going in, I wanted Trey to get album graphic. Not like To Whom It May Concern, but like Jupiter Love graphic, with a little Inside Pt 2. He delivered the sexual analogies and things, but overall I was left wanting more. It was just smooth. Which isn’t a good thing to say when talking about Trey Songz. Like I love him, but this could’ve been left in the archives of his laptop.

I am happy that Dave East is communicating with people like Trey Songz, because it shows how he’s cool with a lot of people in this industry which excites me. This isn’t one of my favorite verses of his by far, but he did aight. And I feel bad saying that because that’s my baby, but the song just isn’t it.


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