NEW MUSIC: “Big Amount”- 2 Chainz feat Drake

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Wassup Y’all! I know we all are preparing for summer to be winding down and school to be starting up, but let’s not rush…Summer isn’t quite over yet. I have a new song that will give you summer feels all over again, like’s just the middle of May.

The hip hop artists behind the  2012 hit single “No Lie” are back at it again with another one. Yup, 2 Chainz and Drizzy Drake got back into the studio together for another banger.

This is “Big Amount”, a song that after one listen will have you singing along in no time. I kid you not, when these two team up, it’s just hip hop hit magic. If i could use any word to describe this song it would be boastful, but not boastful like cocky, I’m better than you, nah none of that. This track is boastful in the way where they’re saying, I got it, and I’m proud that I got it, I want every one to know and respect me, ya understand meh (Birdman voice)?

The is that song that can make any one feel like they are just as popping as the two in the song. It’s definitely something that can be considered a birthday song, as in you feel like it’s all about you, and you’re just tgat thang. The beat is mad dope because it’s different. Maybe it’s just cause Pokemon Go is like taking over, but the beat is like background music of a Pokemon story. Just listen, you’ll get it. Yet, the song still got that hard drum beat going along. The song is unexpected because usually when you ready for a beat drop, you waiting on a hard bass that’s gone shake the floor, this song isn’t that, but it’s still got that beat that will easily make you wanna get up, dance, and parade around like you’re the coolest thing since ice.

Notable Lyrics: “Micheal Jackson talking to me in my dreams and he say ‘You bad and you know it/Better shamone with my check, then

Listen to this song, and you too will feel like you have a big amount. I think Drake and 2 Chainz executed this song perfectly because they made the listener feel exactly what they felt and if an artist can’t make people relate to their music, then what type of artist are they?

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