NEW MUSIC: “Caretaker” – D.R.A.M feat. SZA

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I must have some type of craving for modern soul and R&B music right about now, because it’s honestly all I want to listen to. Soft songs are just speaking to me, especially this one.

D.R.A.M, the guy who brought us the iconic “Broccoli” track back in the summer has come with something totally different and I’m loving it. This guy has a voice! He’s good for way more than cute songs about girls. On this track, he teamed up with SZA and made a masterpiece.

While only a few month’s old, this song has a classic vibe that will immediately calm you down. You could easily find this on a 90s R&B playlist; it’ll blend in so easily. This is a beautiful song, you won’t even realize it’s about cheating.

When I first discovered this song, I was listening to a 2 minute version, but then the hidden gem of the extended version made its way to my Youtube and my life was changed forever. It’s only right that it’s the one I share with you all.



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