[NEW MUSIC] Crew by GoldLink ft Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy

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Between my busy busy summer winding down and not having time to listen to every smaller project, I have completely stopped listening to the radio or even my Spotify Release Radar.

Meaning, if the song isn’t popular enough to make into Facebook photo captions and my neighbor’s late night playlist I haven’t heard it.

Last week I decided to listen to the radio and the chorus of this song had me hooked, no pun intended. I was really hyped by myself in the car!

Immediately I searched and added the song to my library and made sure I’d be able to listen to it offline. I absolutely love this track.

To be honest, I’m confused on where GoldLink is singing the chorus or raps the verse before ShyGlizzy but either way he raw. With that being said the chorus itself sells the song. Like it’s already a hit before you get to the verses.

My favorite part is the beginning. Or maybe the middle. Actually the whole chorus is a hit and I’m kinda actually mad that I have to wait until the end of the song to sing along again.

The vamp in the beginning is really mysterious and not mystery music mysterious, but mysterious in a way that you don’t know what type of song is about to play. It’s also cool how versatile this track is.

A stripper could use it for a performance and somebody on the aux could use it to turn up the gang.

Y’all know that dance where you kinda turn out your bottom lip and shimmy your shoulders. It’s kinda like “I got the drip in my walk” but not really because you don’t go too crazy with it. That’s all I’ve been doing to this song.

The verses are perfectly “I’m the shit and I know it” which matches the instruments and the chorus. This is literally my ringtone, I love it so much so go listen because y’all should too!

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