[NEW MUSIC]: My Dirty Little Secret by Dave East

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Before I say anything about this song I need to say something to Mr East.

The next time I open the YouTube app and see some Instagram model looking female touching you or hugging you or even 2 feet near you, we will have an issue.

Now that we got the most important business out the way let’s get into one of my favorite tracks on PARANOIA.

For those of you who don’t know, I am in love with Dave East. And not just because he cute, and got a beard, and he’s Dominican. Like those things are add ons. But he can actually rap and spit bars y’all. I can’t stress his importance to the rap game enough.

With that being said, having to wait for new material from him for a year basically hurts. I was feeenniinnng. And of course he released EastMixes through the year since Kairi Chanel (my favorite being What A Year). But I could only listen to Keisha so many times y’all.

But this track here? This track right here my nigga, is pure. Kairi Chanel was released under Mass Appeal and with Dave singing a deal with Def Jam, Paranoia was of course a product of that Def Jam and Dave East partnership.

I’m not saying that Keisha was trash, because it was far from. Y’all know that song gave me Slick Rick vibes from the way he told that story. But you know when someone signs a deal and they music before they signed sounds just as good.

Dave East stepped his game all the way up. He even said in the track that he upgraded from Keisha. “I’m growing up no more Keisha’s nigga I’m blowing up”. I can tell that he’s on a whole nother level than Kairi Chanel and all. The anticipation was definitely worth while.

He kept a Chinese theme for the video, the beat, and his beginning bar. I love the chorus too. It’s smooth simple yet real relaxed too. It’s like the hood nigga version of “My Little Secret” by Xscape.

Listening to this entire album I feel like Dave East is slowly pulling away from making songs about strictly the struggle and the hood. He makes music about what he knows and since he has a different environment now I can hear the change.

I’ve been with Dave East on the low key side since Gemini. So to hear him say “I’m trynna learn the music industry like I know the streets” I was excited as hell for this.

I am definitely adding Dave East to my interview bucket list, right under Beanie Siegel and Diddy.

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