[NEW MUSIC] #NickiDay

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If this is your first time hearing about Nicki Minaj dropping music you literally have to living under a rock.

Not only has Instagram and Twitter been lit up with all types of content all about Nicki, but her loyal fan base of Barbz have coined the term #NickiDay and lit up all social media platforms with it. Personally, I’m not that much of a Nicki fan but I will give it to her, she is really doing her thing.

At this point, one of the most important things you need as an artist or public figure is some type of loyal following. With all that is going on between Kanye and 6IX9INE, I feel like they are still going to make bank given the fact that their fan base is loyal and willing to turn the other cheek and solely support the artistic value of the artist. Personally, I have my own opinions about such, which I’ll touch on a little later today, but I say this to say that artists would be nothing without their fans.

To this day I still haven’t seen anything from Nicki’s social media pages, or watched any of her interviews about her new music. But I knew everything from when it dropped to what was said in her interview with her fan base being a natural marketing tool.

With that being said, I just wanna take a second to say that no matter what WGCI says about Nicki’s two new songs, she gave us life. She gave us old Queens Nicki with Barbie Tingz, and then she gave us performing arts dramatic Nicki with Chun Li. These both will be on my summer playlist. From the instrumentals to the rhymes Nicki did what she was supposed to do. She catered to her forever loyal fan base.


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