NEW MUSIC: “Proud Family” – Tory Lanez

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This is one of the best samples I have ever heard. It is different. It is new. It is unexpected.

Y’all, people have been saying that Tory Lanez is extremely talented and versatile but I did not get it until he released his New Year’s project “Chixtape 4.” It is a mixtape of original songs with some of the dopest samples I have ever come across. What makes it even more impressive is that every sample he used was recognizable, but he did it justice with quality and making it his own. When it comes to sampling, Tory Lanez is giving me early Kanye vibes. I’d honestly love to know  what goes through his head. While all of his songs may not be my favorite, and I will never forgive him for coming at Drake, I can definitely appreciate and respect his artistry.

One song that sticks out to me is “Proud Family.” He sampled the Proud Family theme song. Yes. The TV show. Who would’ve thought of that. And the way he used it was so beautiful, I love muted backgrounds, which is probably why I am so obsessed with this.

This song is genius, just go listen. Tory, whatever you’re apologizing about- I forgive you.


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