NEW MUSIC: Sex You Back To Sleep Remix (Round 2)

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GOD HELP US ALL! God. Gawd. I can’t even do life anymore.

First we have August, with his oversinging sweet serenading, September birthday having self. His lyrics allow the beat to have extra bangs *use your imaginations*. So at this point I’m absolutely lit, like god****, really August? his lyrics also play from the sampled oldie Sexual Healing, and it takes you back, making me want to sway my hips to the beat. Let’s Go August!! Sometimes with him I’m just like woah-wow.

Then Miguel just slides into our DMs, like “this what I’m gone do”. Talk about creating a visual, like wow. Apparently, he is very confident in his romancing skills (self proclaimed). Miguel, like August, is a true vocalist, so at the end of his own verse, he hits this note that is amazing and makes my heart flutter. Lyrics are explicit, but what else do expect from a song that’s been reproduced two times before, all with professional melodic charmers. Miguel’s falsetto is just……wooohhh. Please take me away before I have a convulsion.

On this particular remix, Chris decided to just ride the chorus, which had a mixture of all the voices on the track. But right before his own verse, Mr Steal Yo Girl sneaks in his signature *ohhhwah*. Jesus. So his little storyline is that he’s been frustrated, and I swear it’s so teasing in a way. He wants his woman to be ready and willing. At the end he makes a little joke about sweating her braids out, which makes me gasp almost everytime I hear it.

Rock her wit’ the ‘D’ huh? Y’all I can’t even.


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