[NEW MUSIC] So Long by CDot Honcho

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Have y’all ever fake liked some music just because you were talking to somebody who liked that same song?

Well I tried and I couldn’t. I’ve actually noticed that depending on the time of year a song comes out, I won’t like it. So before warming up to CDot Honcho at all, I had to give him some time. He’s this type of new street music where even though each artist may come from the same place and city, they all have something different to say and a different way to say it.

CDot has this playfulness about him, it attracts me to the artist first with lyrics like “Knew I had it when I was on 4way in 4th grade with some bitches from the 6th grade”.

When he dropped his video to So Long people made his signature dance a challenge and that’s what put him on my radar once again. So now I’m putting him on y’alls!

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