[NEW MUSIC] Talk 2 U by Brent Faiyaz

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This year I told myself I’d write about a lot more RnB and put more variety into the type of artists I write about to prevent me from sounding redundant. This is definitely an artist and track to start off with.

You guys remember how everything was when Say It by Tory Lanez came out? Like it made me want to fall in love with someone after a respectful cat call.

Well this song has me at the first acoustic note. That’s what I love about new music. You go in listening with fresh ears and leave with amazement still tingling in your ears. After that acoustic play, the following sounds and the melting of vocals from Brent left me in a daze. It sounded so good that I didn’t even know what the song was about. I loved the song before I even paid any attention to the lyrics.

It gives me an early 2000s Male RnB Vocalist vibe and I’m loving it. I’m feeling the production which makes me value the song even more. His own vocals throughout the track display his skill but keep a tantalizing relaxation.

At the end of the day this track is amazing y’all!

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