[NEW MUSIC] “The Night Song” by Ravyn Lenae

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I have this new thing where every morning getting ready, I put on a new playlist. Something I haven’t heard, but that’s been recommended by one of my streaming apps.

Apple Music and Spotify know exactly what type of music I want to hear, so earlier this week, I got up and told myself  ‘Today will not only be a good day, but it will be a day all about Shay’, and this song makes me feel that way. It’s a smooth feel good track. Kinda like “Like This” by Kelly Rowland. I can picture myself grooving to this, by myself, in a nearly empty space with a wine glass filled with Koolaid. Yes I said Koolaid because home girl let us know that her edges were on tight in the chorus.

Go ahead and listen, share your thoughts, and add this soothing track to your feel good playlist.

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