NEW MUSIC: Too Fast – Sonder

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Image result for SonderEverything about this song is just lovely. The music video is a masterpiece. The lyrics are so meaningful. And God, the instrumentation is beautiful. Something about that slow and screwed breakdown midway through and then the pick up into a 2 part song. Wow.

I don’t know anything about the artist Sonder but now I want to go watch interviews and listen to his album. I was doing some other work and just had to open up a new tab to share it right now.

I’m gonna link Too Fast as well as Sonder’s full album. I hope it’s as good as this single.

Let’s hear it together! This is definitely easy listening music.

Update: I just found out Sonder is a group with member Brent Faiyaz (most known for his vocals on Crew), which explains why I love this track.

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